The Institute of Place Management

Formed in 2006, the Institute of Place Management is the international professional body that supports people committed to developing, managing and making places better. Initially developed by the Manchester Metropolitan University and the Association of Town Centre Management who jointly recognised a need to create a professional body capable of developing and supporting the creation of sustainable formal structures of place management and ensuring professional standards amongst those involved in managing, developing and marketing places.

What we do

The Institute of Place Management works with policy makers, practitioners and providers to identify the core skills and competences involved in the effective management, development and marketing of places, as well as the distinct ones required for different types of place. We link existing support, from educational institutions, membership associations, community groups and place management partnerships and facilitate networking across these groups, both nationally and internationally. Our official journal is the Journal of Place Management and Development.

Our key objectives

The Institute of Place Management has six key objectives: 1. Supporting the 'formalisation' and sustainability of place management models 2. Developing internationally-recognised standards of performance in place management 3. Developing and providing recognised qualifications 4. Quality-marking of initiatives 5. Training, support and Continuing Professional Development 6. Research, intelligence and knowledge

Who is who in IPM

The Institute of Place Management became a part of Manchester Metropolitan University in 2015. Overall guidance and management of the Institute is provided by an Executive Board with support from a Membership Council and our distinguished Senior Fellows. The work of the Institute is supported by its official journal which is published by Emerald. The Journal of Place Management and Development has a notable Editorial Board.