Amsterdam was the first city to appoint a Nachtburgemeester or Night Mayor and will now be the first to hold an international conference on the economic and cultural value of the night. The Night Mayor Summit will run on 22nd and 23rd April 2016 in Amsterdam and will be held parallel to the official European Union Mayors' Summit in the city.

The Night Mayor Summit is a two-day event where night mayors, civil servants, entrepreneurs, the creative industries and research institutions connect with each other. During the entire conference there are five main themes: Night Time Economy, Public Health & Politics, Redefining Urban Spaces, Mobility, and Road to Night Mayor.

The summit host is Mirik Milan, who is the current Night Mayor of Amsterdam. The information about the summit says "The night as a product is more and more important for the profiling and image of cities and areas. Both in the social economic and cultural area day and night are getting more intertwined. Amsterdam is the front runner in innovating the night and values sharing the knowledge and experiences regarding nightly matters with other cities. Topics such as creative industry, art and culture, diversity, safety, human health and mobility will be discussed."

Details of the programme, speakers, expert sessions and how to register are available here. If you are attending, we would love a report on the event from you for the IPM Bulletin.

What is a Night Mayor?

According to their website "Amsterdam’s night mayor is an active interlocutor for all participants of the night. This refers to both the “consumers” of the night and the ones who attain influence over it, but also covers this city’s nocturnal creative industries, the actual daytime mayor, the local government and other parties concerned such as the clubs and cafés. Our goal is to always hold true to our rebellious nature, and we will never seize to vocalize our advice to all parties named above, even if said advice is not always asked for. We organize events that will benefit anybody enjoying a night out in Amsterdam, and our top priority will always be the growth and development of Amsterdam’s nocturnal endeavors and nightlife in general.

"Even more so, we function as an ambassador for all people that feel connected to our city’s nights. For any municipality, any media or any member of the nocturnal creative industry, who has questions or needs advice concerning the Amsterdam nightlife, the night mayor is the contact source of information."

You can read more about the organisation and the work done here.