Elmbridge Borough Council looks to the future

Elmbridge Borough Council is one of the latest local authorities to create a working group to look at the future of their high streets and town centres. The Institute’s Executive Director, Cat Mitton was invited to attend their first group meeting, in Esher, to share IPM’s research and also give her views as a local resident of the area.

Joining key stakeholders and the local authority, Cat gave an overview of the challenges town centres are facing  and shared IPM’s High Street UK2020 research study, which reviews the factors affecting town centre vitality and viability, and the subsequent top 25 priorities for action.

Commenting on the meeting, Cat said, “I am pleased Elmbridge councillors have established a working group to explore the district town's potential. It was encouranging to hear that several business partnerships are leading on an economic review of their town”.

The Walton-on-Thames Trading Alliance has led a feasibility study to explore a potential BID in the town, which aims to go to ballot in the spring.