It was announced on 4th March that 77% of businesses (on a turnout of 59%) in the area around Euston Station had voted in favour of the establishment of a BID (Business Improvement District). This becomes the 50th BID to be established in London since legislation permitting their introduction came into force in 2004.

The Euston BID will be led by the same team behind the succesful Camden Town Unlimited BID (an area about 1 mile (1.6km) north of Euston), which has just won a third term (BIDs have a maximum term limit of 5 years in England). Euston Station is one of London's main rail terminals offering services to the West Midlands, North West of England, North Wales and Scotland. It is set to be redeveloped for new high speed services that should be operational in 2026. A key aim of the BID proposal was helping the area cope with this redevelopment and ensuring that local businesses benefit from it.

The 50th BID has been welcomed by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who said “It is clear to see that Business Improvement Districts provide a stronger voice for firms to support the changes they want in their town centres and that is why I made it a manifesto commitment to ensure 50 new ones sprouted up across the city during this term. BIDs have played a key part in the regeneration of town centres and industrial estates and they continue to boost growth and help drive London’s economy.”