Exploring collaborations between IPM and Beijing research centres

Written by IPM Visiting Researcher Viriya Taecharungroj

Beijing has become active in conducting and sharing research about places on the domestic and international levels in the past few years. At the end of October 2019, I had an opportunity to visit two place-related research centres in Beijing, China. The directors of both research centres are good friends of IPM who have participated in several IPM events. Thus, this visit explores opportunities for future research collaborations.

On 26-27 October 2019, Professor Chunying Wen organised 2019 Place Branding International Forum at the Communication University of China in Beijing. The objective of the forum is to promote research and academic progress on place branding in China and worldwide. Delegates from the public, private, and academic sectors in China, UK, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea joined the forum. The other objective of this forum is to inaugurate the founding of “Place Communication Research Center” which is chaired by Professor Chunying Wen.

China 1

Furthermore, on 28 October 2019, I gave a lecture on place analytics and a new research methodology at the Communication University of China to a room of graduate students, who are not only attentive to the new idea but are also enthusiastic in adopting the latest technologies to study and understand places.

China 2

On 29 October 2019, I visited the National Image Research Center at Tsinghua University. The centre, found and chaired by Professor Hong Fan, worked with several governmental agencies, both national and regional, and consulted more than a hundred cities in China. This visit created an opportunity for a joint research project with IPM. To kickstart the collaboration, Professor Hong Fan and I will explore a possibility to use the new analytical method to study image of China from user-generated content.

China 3

It is evident that the enthusiastic and driven research culture on places in Beijing will significantly contribute to the broader and deeper understanding of places. In addition to aforementioned research projects, these two research centres will also assist IPM to organise the planned 7th IPM Symposium on Managing and Marketing Places in Thailand in 2021 which would be the first time that IPM hosts a symposium in the Asia Pacific region.