12 January 2018

From Place to Plate: Gastronomy and Rural Entrepreneurship

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Place Management and Development

In this special issue, we aim to take ideas about place and its socio-cultural layers, and peel some of them away to get at and explore one key element: food. If culture is part of the fluid process of human place-making, then food – the trading, growing, harvesting, processing serving and consuming of it – is an obvious aspect of human-ness, and of place-making. Food practices ascribe class positions, create social, national and ethnic boundaries, and even stimulate memories of people, experiences and places, via touches with nostalgia and heritage. From a entrepreneurship and tourism point of view, people have long since travelled to ‘taste’ places and upon their return, accounts of what was eaten and imbibed form a major part of the stories. The net effect of these invisibly-imported souvenirs is that they transmit economic value as well as impressions and expectations of place, building up the destination brand, constructing and construing its aura and identity, and challenging its authenticity. 
The contributions here will have in common a concern with the power dynamics invested in the food politics of place, and provide a critical assessment of a so-called progressive sense of place from both theoretical and experiential perspectives.

A list of potential themes may include:

  • Explorations of the power dynamics at macro and micro levels in food (and tourism) marketing, destination promotion, production, heritage, and urban-rural taste politics
  • The role public food markets play in rural areas
  • Food-based entrepreneurship in rural areas
  • The experiential dimension of the production and consumption of food in local pride, identity and touristic value
  • Local gastronomy as an activity that enacts, shapes, and confirms place
  • How creative economy initiatives in food contribute to notions of a progressive sense of place
  • Case studies, from a variety of cultural milieu and from interdisciplinary perspectives.

Submission guidelines

Author guidelines, including on formats and length limit, must be strictly followed and can be found on the journal web site at: http://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/products/journals/author_guidelines.htm?id=jpmd

Submissions to must be through Scholar-One Manuscripts. Registration and access are available at: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jpmd

Key Deadlines

Article submission deadline 1 November 2018
Estimated publication 1 March 2019 
Expected issue number 13.2

Contact Details

Please get in touch with the editorial team if you have any questions.

Guest Editors:

Peter Varley
Western Norway University of Applied Sciences 

Annelie Sjölander-Lindqvist
Gothenburg Research Institute, University of Gothenburg

Chloe Steadman
Institute of Place Management