2018 has been a very busy year at the Institute of Place Management. Our team has completed over 70 speaking engagements in 12 different countries including Spain, Russia and America. As a result, we have shared our research about place management and raised the profile of the work place managers do, directly, with over 4,500 people.

Our Co-Chairs Professor Cathy Parker and Simon Quin, our Executive Director Catherine Mitton and Directors Professor Ares Kalandides, Dr Heather Skinner and Dr Steve Millington have all spoken at high profile events on a range of place management topics, around the world. For example, Cathy spoke to over 300 French and Spanish town centre managers and retailers at the European Seminar on Commerce and Tourism, along with the Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Calou. As a result of the conference, IPM now has a reciprocal agreement with the conference organisers, Vitrines d’Europe, an influential network of European retail associations. This will help us maintain our relations with towns and cities across Europe.

Closer to home, both Ares and Simon spoke at the Landscape Institute’s Annual Conference in Greenwich, in September. As part of the conference, Steve and Simon also ran a successful study tour to Thames Mead, to reflect on future retail provision and the role of landscape. The Landscape Institute are our strategic partners, and we work together through a Memorandum of Understanding, to make better places. Other IPM members have also been involved in Landscape Institute events, including Adrian Field, Executive Director of Go Cardiff, who contributed a well-received presentation to a CPD event focussing on Places and Wellbeing, last month.

As well as speaking engagements, the Institute of Place Management (IPM) has also received a high amount of press coverage through publications (printed and digital), radio and National television appearances. Over the course of 2018 IPM obtained 86 pieces of press coverage, most notably our team made several appearances on national television (BBC1, BBC2, ITV) discussing the decline and regeneration of high streets. We also had a viral article “Five ways to save Britain’s struggling high streets” written by Professor Cathy Parker, Simon Quin and Dr Steve Millington. The article was initial published The Conversation and was subsequently re-published by 13 different regional and national publications including BBC News, Yahoo News and the International Business Times. The successful article was viewed over 2 million times, click here to read the article if you haven’t already! Press coverage from IPM reached in excess of 18 million people worldwide, which highlights the relevance and importance of the Institute and our members.

As we move into 2019, there is no sign of things slowing down at IPM. We look forward to the year ahead and keeping you informed about all our current and future projects.