IPM Research Seminar - Wednesday 3rd May 2017


Article added 8th May 2017

Wednesday 3rd May saw the return of the popular IPM research seminar, expertly chaired by Dr Steve Millington. With 12 presenters and an audience of 40 academics from across Manchester Metropolitan University the seminar was a great opportunity to catch up with all the place research and projects that IPM members are leading. This time we also heard from other institutes and projects including the Landscape Institute (LI).  IPM is pursuing a much closer strategic alliance with the LI, as both our bodies ultimately aim to make better places for society. Therefore, we were really pleased to hear Dan Cook, CEO of the LI, present at this seminar, and we look forward to more LI representatives joining us at future events.


The agenda below gives some idea of the breadth of activity within IPM at Manchester Metropolitan University. Members are allowed 10 minutes to present, which is followed by 5 minutes of lively questions and discussion. This pacey delivery style encourages presenters to focus on communicating why they have undertaken the research, what they have found out and how this might be relevant to those managing places. Because presenters focus on communicating the key aspects of their research or projects it is easier for the audience to understand their work and contribute feedback. This leads to engaging discussions that are continued long after the research seminar has finished. If you are interested in finding out more about any of the projects - please get in touch with the presenters by email.

Research presented:


Sarah Longlands (Institute of Public Policy Research) - Understanding the North’s place in policy making

Jess Edwards - Literature and sense of place in U.K. landscape strategy

Daniel Cook (The Landscape Institute) - The Landscape Institute

Simon Quin – Supporting Business Improvement Districts

Caroline White (Cityverve project, Manchester Met) - Material Landscape to Virtual Landscape

Jenny Kanellopoulou (University of Salford) & Nikos Ntounis - Network Communitarianism in Urban Squats: Metelkova Mesto

Costas Theodoridis & Oliver Kayas – Place Management decision-making under uncertainty: Evidence from the UK and Ireland

Timothy Jung - Collaborative 2 year project with Creative AR & VR Hub and Institute of Smart City, Shanghai University in the tourism and health sector

Cathy Urquhart – Digital Spaces, Virtual Places: What can digital bring to place?

James Cheng- Inequality in the perceptions of pollution induced health risks and intervention in developing country, evidence from Nanjing City

Xin Shi – Opportunities in China


As you can see, we cover a wide and varied range of subject matter during these sessions. As well as allowing attendees to hear about research from their respective fields, the events are also an opportunity to find out more about research that may be unfamiliar. As such, they are a great chance to broaden research horizons and create potential opportunities for future collaboration.

Our next seminar will take place in early Autumn, and an invitation for the event will go out to members in September 2017.

New members of IPM are always welcome. Please contact Kirti Mistry k.mistry@mmu.ac.uk if you are interested in joining or if you would like to present your research or project at a future research seminar.

(The photo is from our 3rd Institute of Place Management Conference in Poznan).