Step Up project launches in East Manchester

One of six place-based giving pilot schemes funded by government, Step Up aims to encourage collaborative giving of time, talent and resources in order to improve community health and wellbeing in East Manchester. The Institute’s James Scott Vandeventer serves on the steering group for Step Up, advising the project through its formation and helping give it shape. Following months of development, Step Up recently launched at a well-attended event in Beswick on 3rd December. 

Working alongside partners including One Manchester, Manchester City Council, the NHS’s Mental Health Trust and several other organisations, the Institute’s involvement in Step Up is expanding our knowledge of innovative mechanisms for invigorating places. Step Up and the other place-based giving pilot schemes, funded initially through a DCMS grant, are part of a broader shift in philanthropic giving toward place-based approaches. These offer IPM an opportunity to develop our knowledge of what influences the success of place-based giving, and to share these insights with our membership.

The Institute will remain involved in Step Up moving forward, but our interest also extends to the other pilots and further place-based giving projects. How do such projects approach place-specific issues, and how are they addressed? What governance models are adopted and how are communities, stakeholders and partnerships incorporated? With respect to the pilots themselves, how do they secure core funding and become resilient in the longer term, particularly after the funding period ends next year? And, importantly, what are the impacts of place-based giving on invigorating places?

Keep an eye out for a blog in the new year with a more in-depth look at Step Up and the other schemes, as well as their relation to place management research!