Steve Millington discusses IPM’s research on Australian radio

Back in June IPM Director Steve Millington visited Australia. Whilst in Australia Steve presented at the Revitalising Town & City Centres conference in Parramatta and met with several different organisations in Melbourne and Sydney to discuss the Institute’s research.

Following his presentation at the conference in Parramatta, Steve was interviewed on ABC radio by Ian McNamara as part of the Australia All Over programme, the show was broadcast on 7th July. Steve discussed the Institutes' research on high streets and how it is applicable Australian main streets. Towards the end of the interview Steve was asked what his top tips were for town centres looking to revitalise, he replied with three top tips for place managers; 

  1. Analyse relevant data, such as footfall. Data helps you understand your town and make evidence based decisions rather than making decisions based on hunches.
  2. Build networks, partnership and collaboration. Our research and work has shown working with a range of stakeholders is much more effective than going it alone.
  3. Do the simple things first and undertake some of the quick wins as listed in our 25 factors research. For example: clear litter, remove graffiti and improve shop fronts.

The IPM team will be back in Australia in November for our 5th Biennial Conference in Adelaide and the Barossa region, click here to learn more about our conference. 

Listen to the full 5 minute interview below: