Managing Places Special Interest Group

The concept of place management is now firmly established around the world. From the market place through mainstreets, town centres, downtowns, and city centres to whole cities, regions and countries, there is a growing understanding that there are real benefits from place-led rather than discipline-led management approaches.

We are now offering free access to a series of articles concerning the management of town and city centres in the UK that have been published in the Journal of Place Management and Development. Arising from an ESRC-funded research project, the articles look at vitality and viability of town centres and the steps needed to achieve this. You can access the articles here.

Place-led initiatives need to be community-focused and community responsive if they are to be sustainable. They also need to be pro-active. All places change and the communities they serve also change. If a place is to remain relevant to its communities then it needs to make change happen rather than be a victim of external forces. 

Experience around the world shows that the most effective place management initiatives are partnerships. These partnerships need to reflect the different stakeholders who are concerned about or engaged with the place. Developing such partnerships takes time and there is no set formula that will work across different kinds of places or across different cultures. Although places are individual and distinct, there are lessons that can be learned from exchanging experience. Those engaged in place management recognise this. This part of our website is dedicated to helping stakeholders, researchers and those managing places to share experience and learn from each other. 

The Institute of Place Management aims to support individuals who want to make their places better but we can only do this by working alongside others who share our interest. We welcome input and comments from all who care about places and how they are managed. We would also welcome information on publications, conferences and events, and courses that may be of assistance to those engaged in this endeavour.

The Institute is keen to develop knowledge in the area of managing places. As such we participate in research and R&D programmes and are currently engaged in a two year programme co-funded by Innovate, the UK's innovation agency, that is developing new tools for those managing town and city centres in the UK. We are looking at how Big Data can be used by retailers, property owners and investors, policy makers and local partnerships and initiatives to enable informed decisions to be made about their centre. Click here to find out more.

Let us know if you have ideas on what we should cover, reactions to what you see here or if you want to share experiences of managing places effectively.

Simon Quin

Managing Places Director