What is a Place-based Festival?

Communities have always used festivals and festivity as part of how they shape their identities. This is true in rural, urban and suburban places and the role of festivals is becoming more prominent as a place-making strategy. Some festivals have roots in the traditions of place; some are new, instigated by the community themselves; others might be driven by policy-makers, town halls, or place managers. All types of festivals have potential to add value to experiences of places for local people and visitors alike.

 This initiative will build capacity for small-scale, place-based festivals to enable them to develop and become sustainable. We envisage that this can happen through:

  • Skills development
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Partnership working
  • Advocating for the value of small-scale/community festivals

We will draw on a range of experts who are researching or delivering festivals to:

  • Disseminate knowledge, best practice and latest research findings
  • Develop resources and toolkits
  • Offer workshops and training opportunities
  • Offer opportunities to be involved in student research projects